4 Things you Need to Know before Chartering a Yacht in Cyprus

Each year, as the summer heat begins to cede and September ushers in a fresh breeze of sea breezes, all those that live by the ocean around the world celebrate an event whose beauty can not only be expressed through words. Yachts from across the globe strain their anchors from the seabed and launch into open water carrying the lucky few who love the oceans. The lure of the sea is stronger than ever and you need not look far to find families, young and old, splashing down into azure seas on luxury yachts in Cyprus. There are few better ways to enjoy the few months of summer than by chartering a yacht and sailing off into the sunset with friends and family for a weeklong adventure at sea.

Cyprus is a place that many people dream to visit and Cyprus yacht charters, boat rentals and yacht vacations can facilitate their dreams. Cyprus offers its visitors all yachting facilities for an exciting vacation. The island has marinas, harbors and fishing ports as well as excellent anchorages. Cyprus has the perfect climate for those who like yachting. Cyprus yacht charters offer sailing vacations, which are full of thrill, excitement and fun. Cyprus has also the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean Sea that are perfect for water sports lovers. Cyprus yacht rentals are easily available in the harbours of Cyprus to sail in its waters for fishing or just to have a relaxed afternoon at sea. Cyprus yacht rentals are also available for short vacations, which can be custom-made according to your interest. Cyprus offers you an exciting holiday that is full of variety like experiences like water sports, Cyprus yacht rentals and pleasure cruising, scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, and other land-based activities.

1. Choosing your Charter Company

In recent years, internet booking has become the norm for those looking to charter a yacht. Yet, those who have been through the process before know that the selection of a good company to help you find your perfect holiday is as important as finding a yacht that matches your criteria. In fact, we recommend chartering a luxury yacht from Interyachting, at least two weeks before you need to be on the water – so that you can take full advantage of the golden season of summer.

Interyachting is your guide in finding your perfect yacht; a vessel whose size, amenities, and location all match your needs. For example, if you have a large family with young children, you might need more space on board to accommodate your strollers and car seats. Alternatively, if you are travelling with friends who are looking for a party yacht, you will need more entertainment amenities onboard. This is where quality Charter companies excel – by matching your preferences with the available yachts so that nothing stands in the way of your perfect holiday afloat.

Interyachting offers a full range of services, from cruising tips and advice on recommended routes and destinations to packing and unpacking services.

2. Choosing your Yacht

Choosing where to start is easy – Interyachting offers you a list of yachts, ranked by size and type so that you can browse through them at your leisure. If you are looking for an exclusive, luxury yacht then it is best to contact us for elegant and luxurious yachts.

When it comes to the number of crewmembers on board, this should match the overall number of guests so as not to create tension among guests or to add unnecessary pressure on the crew. If you are looking for a smaller yacht, however, then having only one or two crew members might be best so that they can focus more closely on your needs and requirements.

While many bookings are made only a few days before departure due to last-minute desires for a holiday afloat, it is a good idea to start browsing at least two weeks before you need to be on the water. This gives you more time to compare yachts and ensures that you can choose from a wider range of options – without having to pay additional cancellation fees if your chosen yacht becomes unavailable between the date of booking and departure.

3. Finalizing your details

Before chartering a yacht in Cyprus, finalize you details. In order to simplify this process, go to Interyachting website and book a yacht according to your needs. By doing this, you can easily find your options and finalize all of your details in one place. All reservations and packages are confirmed prior to finalizing your booking.

4. Personalized guidance on board

Once you have chosen your yacht and date for departure, it is often necessary to make last-minute changes to meet the needs of the group. At Interyachting we offer various extra services to meet every need that the charterer might have. Upon request we can arrange for special menus satisfying any food preferences while spending the day on the yacht. If you have any celebration while chartering the yacht we can accommodate for cakes, balloons, photographers and even fireworks. You just let us know your needs while on the yacht and we will deliver. Transfers to and from the yacht can be also arranged.

Tailor-made itineraries can add to your experience, so you should ensure that you have chosen the right offer.

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