Why do holidays pass so quickly – and how can we make them a better experience?

Summer vacations time is just around the corner! Do you take full advantage of your summer holidays at sea, or onboard a yacht, or do they pass too quickly and you feel as if you didn’t have any time off? Do you return just as stressed as when you left work – or, even more so? Here are six tips that will make your summer holidays better – and help you return to work happy and refreshed.

1. Use all of your annual leave

As strange as it may sound, we don’t all use all of our holiday time. Instead, we may squirrel it away in some sort of holiday ‘savings bank’, thinking we will use it for that big holiday ‘in the future’. Don’t do it! Space your holidays out, with several mini-holidays throughout the year and your one or two ‘maxi-holidays’. What better way to spend your summer holidays on a boat. It can be a sailing yacht, a motor boar, a catamaran, a luxury yacht, you name it. You choose your yacht charter destination and just enjoy the holidays. can organise your yacht charter holiday in Cyprus. in Cyprus offers all types of boats and yachts, for day charter, sunset cruises or weekly yacht charters.

2. Do something different each day
One of the reasons that time seems to pass more quickly is when we get into a routine of doing the same thing every day. That’s why the first day(s) of your holiday seem to last forever – everything is new and exciting. But the days pass more quickly and, before you know it, it’s time to go home. So, don’t just stay in one place all the days– try to do something different every day. At, for the last 25 years we “create memories” . While spending your holidays on a yacht, it can be a preowned yacht or a new yacht or a charter yacht or which ever yacht type your prefer, you will visit different places every day, anchor at different beaches, spend the night at different places. Cyprus offers great places for anchorage. You can charter a boat or a yacht for a day and just spend the day at sea. You can book one of catamaran scheduled cruises, and spice up your holidays. MED2 Catamaran Leisure cruises have day cruises, sunset cruises, night cruises, Vip and chill out cruises. You can choose whatever accommodates your need better. It will make your holiday seem longer and create lasting memories.

3. Go somewhere different each year
My friend says that they never go to the same place twice for holiday. That’s a good strategy to make them more memorable. Of course, there is comfort in the familiar place – and many of us love going to that special place – but realise that our memories will begin to merge because of the sameness and routine, so go back to number two and do something different each trip. While on a boat you can visit so many different places every year. You can choose from the best yachts and visit as many places as you like while being onboard and enjoying the sea.

4. Don’t photograph your way through the entire holiday
Research has shown that taking pictures frees our memory from making lasting images in our minds. So, definitely take pictures of those special sights and places, but don’t try to photograph everything. Use your mind’s eye, as well as the camera’s. Breath in the beautiful scenery from the flybridge of the yacht and just relax. Summer holidays and yacht charters in Cyprus are just about chilling!

5. Live in the moment and savour the experience
An important way to enjoy your holiday – and to make it seem longer – is to live in the moment. Don’t anticipate too much. Try to experience and enjoy each moment as much as possible. The ideal way is being at sea, onboard a yacht. From a as small as a speed boat to a superyacht the relaxation and zen mode are just the same, whatever the yacht style category.

6. Disconnect from work
Research shows that, on holiday, many people stay connected to work. As a result, they don’t get the benefits of escaping from the pressures of work life and de-stressing. If you do have to check in every now and then, limit that time. Realise that the benefit of annual leave to your employer is to have you return recharged and re-energised.

So, for your next holiday, keep these tips in mind and see if it leads to a better, and more memorable, experience. Just contact Interyachting in Cyprus for your sailing holidays, charter a yacht, sailing yacht, motor boat, catamaran, luxury yacht, rib boat, megayacht and just Enjoy!

At the art of CREATING MEMORIES for all is our passion.

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